On-Page SEO- Upto 5 Pages

Upto 5 Pages

Local SEO

Local SEO

Basic SEO Services For 10 Keywords

Ideal for small businesses and startups looking to establish an online presence.
Identify relevant keywords and phrases for your business.
Analyze keyword competitiveness and search volume.

Optimize meta tags (title, description, headers) for target keywords.
Improve URL structure and internal linking.
Ensure proper keyword placement within content.
Optimize images and media for faster loading.
Review and edit existing content for keyword integration.
Provide recommendations for content improvement.
Perform basic website audit for technical issues.
Fix broken links and ensure proper redirection.
Ensure mobile-friendliness and responsiveness.
Provide a basic overview of keyword rankings.
Offer insights on website traffic and user behaviour.

  • Keyword Research
  • On-Page Optimization
  • Content Optimization
  • Technical SEO
  • Monthly Reporting
Standard SEO Boost For 20 Keywords

Designed for businesses aiming to increase organic traffic and improve search visibility.
Identify high-potential keywords for targeting.
Analyze long-tail keywords and user intent. Complete on-page optimization for a set number of pages.
Optimize existing and new content for target keywords.
Implement schema markup for enhanced search results.
Develop a content plan based on industry trends.
Create and publish high-quality blog posts/articles.
Build high-quality, relevant backlinks through outreach.
Guest post on authoritative websites within your niche.
Conduct in-depth website audit and fix technical issues.
Improve site speed and performance.
Provide detailed keyword rankings and traffic analysis.
Highlight changes and suggest adjustments.

  • Comprehensive Keyword Research
  • On-Page Optimization
  • Content Strategy
  • Link Building
  • Technical SEO and Site Performance
  • Monthly Reporting and Analysis
Premium Enterprise SEO Solution for 30 Keywords

Tailored for large enterprises seeking a comprehensive and strategic SEO approach.
Extensive keyword research across all target areas.
Analyze competitors' keyword strategies and identify gaps.
Implement advanced on-page techniques for maximum impact.
Resolve complex technical issues and site architecture challenges.
Develop a robust content strategy for different stages of the customer journey.
Create high-quality, SEO-optimized content, including multimedia.
Execute a diverse and sophisticated link-building strategy.
Secure placements in top-tier industry publications.
Optimize for local search, including Google My Business.
Enhance local citations and reviews.
Perform frequent audits to adapt to algorithm changes.
Ensure ongoing optimization and improvement.
Provide in-depth analytics and insights.
Hold regular strategy meetings to align with business goals.

  • Advanced Keyword Research and Analysis
  • On-Page and Technical Optimization
  • Content Strategy and Creation
  • Authority Building and Link Acquisition
  • Local SEO (if applicable)
  • Regular SEO Audits and Algorithm Updates
  • Custom Reporting and Strategic Consultation
Ultimate Global SEO Services for 50 Keywords

Ideal for businesses looking to expand their presence to international markets and languages.
Research keywords in multiple languages and regions.
Identify localized search trends and preferences.
Implement hreflang tags to signal language and regional targeting.
Ensure proper handling of duplicate content across regions.
Develop content that resonates with different cultural and linguistic nuances.
Optimize existing content for international SEO.
Build an international backlink profile with a focus on region-specific domains.
Collaborate with foreign influencers and websites.
Optimize server location and site speed for global audiences.
Ensure smooth user experience across different regions.
Provide insights into the performance of the website across different regions.
Analyze trends and suggest strategic adjustments.

  • Multilingual Keyword Research
  • Hreflang Implementation
  • International Content Strategy
  • Global Link Building Strategy
  • Technical Optimization for International SEO
  • Cross-Market Reporting and Insights
Deluxe SEO Services for 100 Keywords Industry Domination

Tailored for businesses operating in highly competitive industries where top search rankings are crucial.
Thorough analysis of top competitors' SEO strategies.
Develop a unique and aggressive SEO plan.
Execute a high-impact link building campaign with a focus on authority domains.
Secure premium placements through strategic outreach.
Conduct deep technical audits and resolve complex issues.
Optimize site architecture for optimal crawlability.
Create cornerstone content and comprehensive resources.
Leverage multimedia content to engage and inform users.
Stay ahead of algorithmic changes with proactive adjustments.
Continuously optimize the website's performance.
Deliver detailed reports and insights to key stakeholders.
Hold regular strategy meetings to align with business goals.

  • Competitor Analysis and Strategy Development
  • Aggressive Link Building and Outreach
  • Advanced Technical SEO Solutions
  • Content Dominance Strategy
  • Regular Algorithmic Adaptation
  • Executive-Level Reporting and Strategy Meetings
Advanced Social Media Elite |Unleash Your Brand's Potential

25 premium posts per month
Extensive competitor analysis for strategic edge
Monthly performance report with data-driven recommendations
Advanced hashtag research and optimization
4 custom graphics or visuals per month
Proactive audience engagement and community management
Bi-weekly social media ad campaigns (budget not included)
Influencer collaborations and outreach
Social media contest or giveaway planning and execution

  • Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram Social media platforms